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The Old Portage Lighthouse

In the Baie des Chaleurs rests an ancient lighthouse. It offers an interpretation on the usefulness of lighthouses in the region as well as on the fishing industry in the Acadian Peninsula. Thanks to the mini-exhibition on the ground floor of the lighthouse and the fisherman's shed, salty stories will follow one another!



You cannot end your visit without buying a souvenir of your visit at the Aquarium of New Brunswick! We offer an impressive selection of items related to the sea and to Acadia. Whether it’s adorable stuffed animals, clothing or a piece of craftsmanship, your choice will be a great one for many years to come. 


Shippagan Marina

The Shippagan Marina is located in Shippagan Bay, in the northeastern part of New Brunswick. Ideally located next to the New Brunswick Aquarium and in the heart of the city of Shippagan, the marina has 51 berths, 6 of which are reserved for visitors.


Sentier Rivage

Located along the shores of Shippagan Harbour and bordering the Aquarium, the Sentier Rivage path is more than 2 kilometers in length, is the perfect place for people who enjoy, especially the lovers of hiking and cycling. 

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